How to Choose a Commercial Contractor for a School Building

Where do you begin? Choosing a commercial contractor for your school building is no easy task, but an important one. With the great responsibility of educating children comes the task of providing safety, shelter, and a place of community for them to grow and become great. Your school building should mirror this effort of safety and strive to become a place of safety and education for students. 

With all the steps and investment it takes to work with a contractor, take your time when considering possible candidates. This place is where students will be for years to come, so it’s vital to make it a place of comfort and productivity. Here are four must-haves when choosing a great commercial contractor for your school building:

1. A Great Reputation 

Talking with previous customers of commercial contractors will tell you all you need to know about their company. A great reputation and pleased customers are what you’re looking for in a commercial contractor for a school building. Connect with other school leaders whose building you find excellently built, and ask them their experience. Quantity is not always quality. Work through a list of questions like:

  • Did you get all your needs met?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Was there clear communication from the team during the project?
  • Did they stick to your budget?
  • What was your favorite part about working with them?
  • Do you recommend this team to other companies or not?

2. A Specialized Team  

A team’s specialized experience with school building is key. A school building is not like any other building. Things like securing safety, space flexibility, technology areas, and room to comfortably learn are vital to the productivity of a school. Without these in mind, renovations down the road are the only answer, resulting in having to spend more money later on.

Don’t be shy to ask your commercial contractor candidates for a list of references for past projects. Get a good feel for their experience and what kinds of buildings have been their best projects.

3. Effective Communication

Communication is half the battle when it comes to tackling a school building project. Commercial contractors who are effective in communication are normally productive right off the bat. If you have difficulty getting a hold of them or see any other red flags like excessive jokes, emotional comments, or bad-mouthing others, it’s probably time to look elsewhere. 

Professional communication is necessary to make this type of building project a success. It’s important to remain relatable and genuine, and communication should be professional throughout the process. 

4. A Good Safety Record

Safety should be number one on a commercial contractor’s list! Ask your contractor candidates for their safety records. If there is any difficulty in getting this to you, it may be a red flag. Good records will include their commitment to safe procedures and illustrate the success of their team. Safety on the worksite is important to everyone involved in the project!

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