When tragedy happened and our funeral home was destroyed, PCE offered to not only construct a new facility that was beyond our expectations, but they offered concern and compassion through such a difficult time. PCE offers the highest quality at a price that is affordable, with your best interest in all steps of the construction process.

– Patrice Robertson, Norman Wagy Gordon Funeral Home, Owner

We knew from the outset that undertaking a major addition, renovation and remodel to our 100+ year old sorority house, and doing it all while still having residents live-in, would not be an easy task. Fortunately, our choice to partner with PCE and Project Manager, Andy Bonderer, has been one of the best decisions we have made. We interviewed other contractors for the job, and they certainly tried to convince us that they were the preferred builder for Greek housing. But ultimately, it came down to finding a construction partner who would work with us to manage the unique complexities of the job and be just as invested in achieving an exceptional outcome as we were. Andy, Matt, and the whole PCE project team have been terrific. When we plan future construction projects, we would certainly seek out a partnership with PCE first.

– Rebecca Jones, Kappa Alpha Theta, Owner

PCE has been not only responsive and attentive, but proactive in anticipating issues with our project.

I trust that Andy, Matt and PCE have the owner’s best interest in mind as they work with the other professionals on our construction project.

PCE has kept me, a project manager located in another city, updated and informed – getting my input and opinion on decisions when necessary and making my job easier by presenting clear explanations and alternatives when we are faced with an issue.

– Cori Young, Kappa Alpha Theta, Owner

Wade, the spaces turned out fantastic. We very much appreciate what your staff has always done around here, and this one is no exception. All of the guys were great. We also very much like Greg, and appreciate the way he goes about making the project work – especially with having to pull it off right in the middle of the office. We told him, but I wanted him to know we appreciated it enough that he heard it from you too. Our best. Craig.

– Craig A. Long, MSHSAA, Chief Financial Officer

PCE takes pride in performing each project in a quality manner. And it's not just their quality of workmanship, but it's the quality of people on the job who are above reproach.

– Joe Howard, Boone Hospital Center, Assistant Vice President for Building Services

We were thoroughly satisfied with PCE's workmanship. One of the best decisions our building committee made was to hire PCE for our building program. Their integrity is tops, and the quality of their workmanship is excellent.

– Raymond I. Massey, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Pastor

It was imperative that we keep this facility open and minimize the disruption our customers experienced. PCE was extremely diligent and accommodated our special needs. This is a people business - and they have really good people. I'd recommend PCE without hesitation.

– Jack Cox, Central Technology Services, President and CEO

With PCE, there's no guessing, no surprises. They're very professional. I keep using that word because it's so appropriate. PCE has a professional approach that gives me a high confidence level. And when you're investing millions in a building, it's good to have that confidence.

– John Van Cleve, Orscheln Properties, Vice President

There are many opportunities to make mistakes in a major construction project and we have made some in our various project through the years, but it was not a mistake to have PCE on the job. In fact, they helped us through many difficult situations so that we came to the best outcome. PCE has been a great partner in planning, construction and post construction phases.

– Peter Livingston, Concord Baptist Church, Executive Pastor

PCE worked very hard to ensure they understood our needs before we started. Their management team from senior management to the project supervisor kept us informed. Our project was completed on budget and delivered on time.

– Hal James, Missouri Credit Union, President/CEO

I had nothing but good reviews, we rolled a dice, and I had no regrets.

– Mike Dillon, William Woods University, Director of Plant

There’s a mutual respect there, we met the deadline, we came in under budget, so I was completely satisfied.

– Mike Dillon, William Woods University, Director of Plant

They have instilled a sense of trust in us. They have quality in mind, they’ve always told us the truth, they’ve done what they say. The guys in the field are quality people and they put out a good product. We’re happy to work with them.

– Phil Lessley, Orscheln Properties, Development Manager

Everything was designed specifically to meet all of our needs. We were already familiar with their work, their quality, their integrity.

– Lori Brandow, Mexico Area Family YMCA, Executive Director

PCE stayed on budget, on, time, never would fall behind, it needed up exactly how we wanted it. We couldn’t be any happier with the building and what was done for our community.

– Lori Brandow, Mexico Area Family YMCA, Executive Director

PCE helped us reach a dream.

– Lois Brace, Presser Performing Arts Center, Executive/Artistic Director

Everything he figured out! His crews are amazing, they’re nice, very respectful of all your space.

– Lois Brace, Presser Performing Arts Center, Executive/Artistic Director