Regardless of where you travel in mid-Missouri, you’re likely to come across the work of Professional Contractors & Engineers (PCE). For the past 100 years, we here at PCE have improved and perfected our craft to the point where the buildings we create are considered some of the most reliable, visually appealing structures in the region.

Commercial Building Experts of Columbia, MO

Whether it is a bank, a church, a hospital, or any other type of commercial construction, every structure we create is a representation of not just of our technical expertise, but of the values we’ve maintained over the past century. At PCE, it is our mission to combine the optimum construction solutions with strong, professional relationships and teamwork. While the structures we create are our product, the friendships and partnerships developed between owner and architect are what give our company its unique legacy.

That legacy and the strength of our services are the primary reasons you can count on PCE for enduring quality, safety, and success in your next building project, whatever it may.

PCE offers the following construction services:

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