Commercial construction is — in essence — what we do here at PCE. There are multiple types of commercial construction, to be sure, but that umbrella term describes what we do best.

Whether it’s an office building, a school, a set of retail stores, or another similar type of building, PCE has the experience and expertise to turn the project into an unquestionable success.

Our commercial construction services cover three primary areas:

    1. General Contracting

      When you place your project in the hands of a general contractor, you need someone you can trust. At PCE, we believe in building a relationship, so we understand the project’s scope and direction from the very beginning. Choosing a general contractor with experience and skill means day-to-day operations at the job site are managed smoothly and communicated to you properly. It is the most important step to ensure a successful finished project. 

    2. Construction Management

      When PCE handles your construction management, our loyalty is to you, the owner. We represent your best interests. From start to finish, our construction managers are on top of your project, setting and maintaining schedules, keeping track of the budget, and ensuring workers are on task and on time.  Our goal is to deliver the highest quality work with the least amount of hassle for you. 

    3. Design/Build

      Although not a completely new concept, Design/Build has established the most popular method for delivering construction projects in America. Formerly, projects were divided between the design team and the build team, and subcontractors were hired under each team. With the design/build method, the two teams are combined into one, saving time while saving money. Also, design/build opens the opportunity for innovation and collaboration.

Each of these types of construction has its own distinct advantages, and we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss with you which option would be best for your particular project.

Contact PCE

Contact us if you would like to get in touch with PCE about your next commercial construction project. While we don’t actively seek work outside of Central Missouri, we are more than happy to work outside of the region if asked by our client(s).