Do I need a Designer and a Commercial Contractor?

The commercial building process can be complicated – full of questions like “Do I need a designer and a commercial contractor?” “What is a commercial contractor and what do they do?” “Who do I hire first?” We want to answer these questions for you and clear up any confusion and stress that’s happening around your new build project. One step at a time – and you will be on your way with clarity and confidence in the process.

What is a Commercial Contractor?

There are a ton of moving parts when it comes to a new build, and it can feel overwhelming at times. Whether you are building a school, retail spot, or office building, you will need an expert’s knowledge and help from start to finish. A commercial contractor’s role is to do just this. 

With a remodel or building construction, a commercial contractor is in charge of overseeing the project, materials, vendors, equipment, and the contractors and subcontractors doing the job. A good commercial contractor will give you helpful insight into each part of the building process along the way. 

Do I Need a Designer and a Commercial Contractor?

Now for the answer you’ve been waiting for. This simply depends on the commercial contractor you work with, but some commercial contractors will have a team of specialized designers, and be more than willing to help with the design process! Others will stick to the construction and management side of things.

At PCE, we offer a design/build method as a part of the commercial building process. With the design/build method, the two teams are combined into one, saving time and money. Also, design/build opens the opportunity for innovation and collaboration.

A Commercial Build with PCE

Our services cover three areas of commercial construction, including general contracting, construction management, and design/build

General Contracting involves the general oversight of the build and detailed communication about the progress of the build. Construction Management allows the client to understand every part of the process to answer any questions and address concerns. Lastly, design/build includes design and development stages of the build, construction, and post-construction details. Learn more about each service offered by talking to our team today! 

Contact us to learn more about the process of a commercial build at PCE. We’d be happy to share more with you and discuss what options are best for your unique project.