With the Design/Build approach to project management, a single entity is responsible for all aspects of design and construction. The client signs an all-inclusive contract with the designer/builder, who is then accountable for all aspects of project delivery. By removing the multi-tiered structure that can hinder decision-making and follow-through, Design/Build can deliver your building project quickly and less expensively.

The benefits of this approach include:


PCE’s Design/Build is accountable for every aspect of your project, from the first pencil sketch to the last stroke of the painter’s brush.

Quality Assurance:

By consolidating all aspects of the project, Design/Build ensures every step of the process consistently conforms to high standards.

Expedited Schedule:

Bidding phases are eliminated and transition time between design and construction phases are minimized. Implementation of a “fast track” process provides time savings due to an overlap of design and construction activities and elimination of bidding phases.

Improved Cost Forecasting:

Design/Build allows you to know final project costs far in advance of the completion date. Project costs are minimized through centralized decision-making and use of innovative, cost-effective solutions throughout design and construction.

Improved Communication/Collaboration:

The client has only one call to make to ask questions about any aspect of their project. All project stakeholders are focused on the client’s goals. Architect-Contractor-Client team approach creates better collaboration and minimizes risk to all parties.

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Six Phases of Design/Build

  1. Preliminary feasibility
  2. Investigation & development
  3. Schematic design & budget
  4. Design development
  5. Construction
  6. Post construction-commissioning