How to Choose a Commercial Contractor?

At PCE, we understand how important the hiring process is for a commercial contractor. Hiring the right contractor for the job can significantly impact your building experience, the quality of work, and ultimately your success. That’s why we’ve developed some steps to keep in mind when exploring your commercial contractor options. 

Take your time in this process! Before hiring a commercial contractor, get a better understanding of all the stages of your project based on your specific needs. We can help your team with this step & look over things like:


  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Building codes adherence
  • Zoning regulations
  • Purchases for supplies

1. Identify Your Timeline

Before getting started with your build, try your best to come up with a project timeline. More specifically, come up with a deadline date for your project. Even though this timeline could slightly change depending on your budget and the kind of commercial contractor you work with, it’s essential to begin the process. Different contractors may set different timelines.

If you are fundraising for your commercial project, make sure to create a fundraising timeline before locking in your contractor, so you are confident you can pay them. You could have a plan to start the construction process once you hit a specific fundraising goal. It also depends on what contractor you work with. Some contractors ask for a percentage of the project funds before beginning. Develop a backup plan if your fundraising efforts fall short of your goal.

2. Develop Your Budget

With your building plan, come up with a clear budget! Talking with a professional you trust is essential for this step. Do your research and compare contractor prices based on your project needs. Calculating a realistic budget includes factoring in cost per square foot, materials, permits, furniture, technology, unexpected costs, and more. This is where PCE can really help in the process. While it’s tempting to go with the contractor with the lowest price, quality work is what you want, even if it costs a bit more.

3. Consider Critical Components 

To choose the best commercial contractor, you want to consider the critical components needed for your unique project! Whether your building is a retail space, medical space, or religious, there are essential elements for a commercial building to include. Critical components to consider are: 

  • The right location, adequate space available, building, parking, stormwater systems 
  • Structure designs systems 
  • Necessary technology
  • Other unique specifications for your business 

To get a better idea of what you want, collect ideas based on buildings you like already and share them with your potential contractors. Many commercial contractors help with the design and other critical components of the project.

4. Research Relevant Experience 

Getting a good glimpse of the contractor’s experience will give you a better understanding of their capabilities. Some contractors are better at specialized constructions. Find out if the contractor has relevant experience working on your specific commercial project with your unique circumstances and timeline. It’s also crucial to ensure your commercial contractor is fully licensed and qualified to handle your project. 

Another helpful step is to see what projects the contractor has worked on and ask for feedback from those customers. Ask the previous customer if the contractor stuck to their budget, stayed on time, and how their overall experience was. Customer feedback is one of your most valuable resources! Also, reach out to various subcontractors. They work with several different contractors and will likely provide a realistic opinion of various contractors in the area.

5. Don’t Overlook Financial Stability

Want a contractor who has financial stability and buying power? This is key to having a pleasant experience with the entire building process. Ensuring that a contractor has financial stability builds trust and confidence in you. You don’t want to work with someone who will take advantage of your time and finances.

Find a reputable contractor who has a long history of excellent builds. Also, make sure they have a good amount of insurance. Ask the contractor these things beforehand to compare insurance coverages between contractors.

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Every commercial construction has its distinct advantages, and we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss which option would be best for your particular project.

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From identifying your timeline and budget to understanding all the stages of your unique building project, our team is here for you. We know how overwhelming this process can seem, and we are here to make it a simple and smooth one. Get expert advice from our builders and direction so you can better enjoy the building process from start to finish.