Construction Corner Series :: Part 3 – Custom Commercial Construction

Construction Corner Series:

When meeting with a client, Professional Contractors & Engineers, Inc. analyzes the best method of construction to meet the client’s specific priorities and needs. In addition to our custom conventional commercial building, PCE also specializes in tilt-up construction and pre-engineered metal buildings.

In an effort to help outline the construction options PCE has available, we’ve developed a short series to help showcase the differences between the types of construction.

Part 3 of 3 – Custom Commercial Construction

PCE’s proud history of construction legacy spans nearly 100 years.

PCE has an extensive experience in a variety of custom commercial construction market segments including: medical, office, schools, industrial, retail, churches, and special projects (e.g. airport hangars, Missouri Veterans Memorial, treatment plants, and reservoirs).

In an effort to serve our client’s needs, PCE and Simon Oswald Associates created Diamond Design/Build partnership. Through the Diamond Design/Build partnership, PCE offers one-stop, full service architectural, planning and construction services. By consolidating these services, PCE can complete your project faster, better and less expensively.

When it comes to commercial construction, if you can dream it, PCE can build it. Every one of our projects is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect and commitment between the entire construction team. This partnering approach, coupled with the application of today’s finest construction technology, delivers value that results in a one-of-a-kind solution PCE’s clients can be proud of.

Each member of our team of professionals has more than 25 years of engineering, contracting and construction management experience. PCE uses that experience and diverse knowledge to give its clients a wide range of architectural and structural solutions.

Some of the benefits of custom construction include: design flexibility, cost-effective solutions, design-build partnership, experience of the PCE team, unique and custom finished product.

> Are you considering remodeling or building a new business building in Missouri? Give PCE a call today and let us help guide you through the process. 


Woodrail Office Complex
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Woodrail-4

Miller Imaging Offices and Production

PCE Custom Custom Construction - Miller Imaging

Lange Elementary School (Winner of 1998 AGC National Marvin Black Partnering Award)PCE Custom Custom Construction - Lange Elementary School

Missouri United Methodist Church
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Missouri United Methodist Church

Father Tolton Catholic High School
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Tolton Catholic High School Exterior

Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Office (LEED Platinum)
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Office (LEED Platinum)

Special Projects:
Missouri Veterans Memorial
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Missouri Veterans Memorial

Winston Churchill Memorial
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Winston Churchill Memorial

Missouri State Capital Renovations
PCE Custom Custom Construction - Missouri State Capital Renovations