Construction Corner Series :: Part 2 – Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Construction Corner Series:

When meeting with a client, Professional Contractors & Engineers, Inc. analyzes the best method of construction to meet the client’s specific priorities and needs. In addition to our custom conventional commercial building, PCE also specializes in tilt-up construction and pre-engineered metal buildings.

In an effort to help outline the construction options PCE has available, we’ve developed a short series to help showcase the differences between the types of construction.

Part 2 of 3 – Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

PCE in conjunction with experienced architects, engineers and subcontractors has been building pre-engineered metal buildings 1999.


Pre-Engineered metal buildings are regularly utilized as an economical solution for both large and small industrial and commercial buildings. Due to the building system utilized, pre-engineered metal buildings allow for the creation of a framed space without the requirement of interior supporting columns.

Contrary to popular belief, pre-engineered metal buildings are actually custom-engineered to specific dimensions to meet the needs of the client and local building code regulations.

According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, “Metal building shipments over the past five years have held steady compared to total non-residential construction, and metal buildings remain the frontrunner in the low-rise, non-residential construction sector with over 50% market share (when compared to the F.W. Dodge Estimated Market report).”


Some of the benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings include: cost, design flexibility, sustainability, low maintenance, durability, and quick construction time.

> Are you considering a pre-engineered metal building for your next commercial project in Missouri? Give PCE a call today and let us help guide you through the process. 


Hannibal Maintenance Facility

PCE Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Missouri Cotton Exchange
PCE Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings - Missouri Cotton Ex

Orscheln Retail Supply Center
PCE Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Moberly Multi-purpose Facility
PCE Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings