Project Completion: OHM Building – Columbia, Missouri

On June 4th, 2015 our team attended the open house for the 12,000 square foot OHM Building in Columbia, Missouri. The building has three suites to house Simon Oswald Architects (SOA), CM Engineering, and a lease space that is currently occupied by Working Spaces, an office furniture company.

SOA and CM Engineering have worked together for many years so this building is an extension of their relationship. Professional Contractors & Engineers had the privilege of acting as the general contractor on the build of this energy-efficient building.

About this green building (facts from CM Engineering website):

  • It only costs them about $34 per day to operate the 12,000 square feet
  • Roof and wall insulation which is done by the First Defense Insulation services, exceeds most industry standards
  • Windows and skylights have been designed for minimal thermal conductivity
  • Utilizing LED lighting, skylights, and motion detectors so that lighting energy isn’t wasted
  • Harvesting rainwater to supplement gray water and irrigation needs
  • “By far the biggest energy savings comes from our one-pipe, closed loop, ground source geothermal exchange HVAC system. With it, we’re able to remove excess heat energy from the indoor environment in warm months. This energy is stored in the ground until cooler months when it can be re-introduced to the building”