At PCE, we know we can achieve the utmost potential of the project when the right people are enrolled early. We want the top management of the organization to embrace partnering concepts and help champion the cause to bring everyone on board.

Facilitated Workshops:
PCE brings an outside facilitator to help guide workshops between the owners and PCE’s principals. Meeting at a neutral site, key decision makers and participants are given the opportunity to have focused, undisrupted communication to produce a mutually agreed-upon mission statement that organizes everyone’s objectives for the project.

Personal Familiarity:
Construction projects often bring people of widely diverse backgrounds together for months of intense work and stress. By learning about the individuals behind the work, everyone involved can more easily avoid adversarial attitudes and instead pursue the appropriate communication.

Issue Resolution:
Conflicts are inevitable in any endeavor. PCE’s partnering process specifies the steps we take in elevating issues to the appropriate level of management-saving time, money and preserving our working relationship.

Evaluation and Action:
“Plan your work and work your plan.” This is central to the partnering process. Evaluation and documentation keep the goals up front and assess progress in relation to those goals. This ensures that the relationships and team-oriented attitudes created in the workshop are not lost.

PCE’s partnering process includes planning for formal and informal recognition at every step of the project. PCE holds an open house or recognizes the project team to keep everyone motivated to excel. The work stays fun and rewarding, the way it should be.