PCE has built a solid relationship with Columbia Public Schools, completing several projects with a dedicated commitment to construction excellence and on-time delivery. The relationship began in 1989 with an addition to the Columbia Career Center and continues today with the construction of Columbias newest elementary school – Alpha Hart Elementary School. Some of the other notable projects during this time are Paxton Keeley Elementary School and Lange Middle School.


“PCE Partnering made our administration and office staff an integral part of the process. Small issues were addressed immediately, and that eliminated larger problems. PCE Partnering was beneficial to everyone involved.”
– Carol Kennedy, Principal, Lange Middle School

“Lange Middle School was a large, complex project with a tight completion deadline. The PCE Partnering Process made a significant difference for everyone involved. I highly recommend PCE Partnering.”
– Dennis Walker, Architect, Hoener Associates, Inc.

In 2000, PCE began construction on Columbia’s newest elementary school. The focus of PCE’s work continues to be commitment to construction excellence from start to finish.