1. How will you address budget alignment scope? 

By understanding your intent and following current market trends, especially these days, we’ll align your budget with the scope of the project.

2. How will you estimate the duration of the project? 

We work with key subcontractors and our superintendents to develop a realistic schedule. By looking at the weather and time of year, we can identify potentially long-lead items, especially these days with COVID.

3. How will you address control of scope creep? 

Understanding your intent the best we can is where we start. We want you to know upfront that it’s likely to happen and we all need to be honest about the changes.  This is always tough because you learn and understand more about the project as it proceeds. We recommend Including a project contingency in the budget. Then you can add to the contingency as items come in under budget. 

4. How will you specifically address reliability? 

We let the superintendent address this to you according to  “their way of thinking.”

5. How will you specifically address dependability? 

The answer is the same as #4. We let the superintendent address this to you according to “their way of thinking.”

6. What will be your method of communication? 

Weekly communication with you, the committee, and the architect. 

We’ll communicate what we’ve completed since the last correspondence and what we intend to do in the next week looking forward. Also, we’ll include any items requiring additional information or clarification.