Design/Build Team Approach

  • You get early cost input from the contractor as design ideas are developed, taking advantage of the cooperative team spirit to generate value-based design concepts.
  • A Guaranteed Maximum Price can be determined early, right after the project scope is determined.
  • Time saved because construction can begin before the design is completed.
  • The need for high-cost change orders is eliminated.
  • A/E fees and contractors’ fees are determined from the beginning and are kept at a minimum.
  • Communication is enhanced by eliminating adversarial roles.
  • Construction costs are minimized by involving the contractor in decisions on materials and methods of construction during early design.
  • Realistic completion dates are established by the contractor who will actually do the work.

Why Did We Form Diamond Design/Build LLC?

Integrated Design and Construction

  • Single full-service contract.
  • Contractor-led pitfalls eliminated.
  • Architect-led pitfalls eliminated.
  • Balanced approach-value based services.
  • The benefit of integrating responsibility of contractor and architect.
  • Liability issues minimized.
  • Benefits of a single contract.

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