This expansive list represents only the last 20 years of the work of PCE. Unless otherwise indicated, buildings are located in Columbia Missouri or the Mid-Missouri area.

Advent Enterprises

Advent Renovations
Advent Residential Units

Alive In Christ Lutheran Church

New Sanctuary

Alpha Chi Omega Renovations


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority


American Freightways

AF Freight Terminal

Anabolic Laboratories

Anabolic Warehouse

Dr. Ailor

Dr. Ailor’s Office

BioCraft (Teva Pharmaceuticals)

Offices and Warehouse


Retail Center

Boone County Oil

Boone County Oil Coop

Boone Hospital Center

Distribution Services
Financial Services Renovation
Heart Cath Addition
Med Records Renovation
MICU Renovation
Radiology Renovation
Sixth Floor Renovation
South Addition
Surgery Projects
Various Tenant Finishes
Walkway Addition
Wellness South


Brookstone Distribution Facility

Brown Corporation

Brown Manufacturing

Calvary Episcipal Church

Family Life Center Addition

Capital Bank

Capital Bank – Providence Road

Central Bank of Boone County

Eighth and Broadway
Kitchen Renovation
Paris Road Branch Renovations
South County Branch
Walnut Renovation

City of Columbia

10th & Cherry Parking Garage

City of Mexico

Mexico Transfer Station

Columbia Book Store

Retail Store

Columbia College

Southwell Gym Expansion

Columbia Mitsubishi


Columbia Regional Hospital

Cancer Center
LDRP Suite Renovation
Medical Office – Parkade
MRI Addition
Outpatient Addition
Third Floor Renovation
Surgical Renovations
Various Tenant Finishes

Columbia School District

Keeley Elementary School
Lange Middle School
Columbia Career Center
Alpha Hart Louis Elementary School

Concord Baptist Church

Concord Sanctuary

Delta Roads Development

904 East Broadway – Downtown Retail Renovation

Dillon Foods

Dillon’s of Springfield
Gerbes Addition in Jefferson City
Gerbes on Broadway
Gerbes Eastland Plaza – Jefferson City
Gerbes Nifong Renovation
Gerbes Paris Road Renovations
Gerbes Pleasant Hills

East Central MO Behavioral Health Services

Arthur Center

Hope Center

Evans Scholars


Family Medical Clinic

Salisbury Dental Clinic

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church Sanctuary

First National Bank

Main Bank Site Improvements
Stadium Boulevard Branch

First Presbyterian Church

Jefferson City Multi-Purpose Addition

Graham Group

Broadway Medical Plaza I
Broadway Medical Plaza II
Tenant Finishes

Gray Construction

Quaker Oats Foundations

Heart of Missouri Girl Scout Council

Silver Meadows Girl Scout Camp

Hedrick Medical Center

Hedrick Medical ICU Addition

Husch & Eppenberger

Monroe House

Jefferson City

Thomas Jefferson Library

Keller Memorial Hospital

Hospital Renovations

Lincoln University

Lincoln Track

Mays Commercial Properties


Mays Medical

Missouri Cancer Association – Vault

Memorial Hospital

Surgery Renovation & Addition

Menser, Mike

Menser Building Renovations

Merck Pharmaceutical

Merck CAF Facility
Merck Farm Storage Building

Mexico Board of Education

Mexico High School Addition

MFA Oil Company

MFA Oil Company Headquarters


3M Electronics Plant Renovations
Electronics Plant WWT Facility
Energy Management Building
Maintenance Building

Miller Professional Imaging

New Facility
New Addition

Missouri Cardiovascular Specialist

Tenant Finishes

Missouri Coalition for Behavioral Healthcare

Office Renovation

Missouri Cotton Exchange

New Facility

Missouri Credit Union

Smiley Lane Facility
Buttonwood Drive Facility

Missouri Dept. of Conservation

Jefferson City Airport Hanger

Missouri Dept. of Corrections

Jefferson City Correction Center Repairs

Missouri Electric Coop

Missouri Electric Coop Office Building

Missouri Farm Bureau

Headquarters Office Buildings

Missouri Military Academy

MMA Dormitory

Missouri State High School Activities Association

New Headquarters

National Refractories

Manufacturing Facilities

Newman Center

Sanctuary Addition

NH Scheppers Distributing

Warehouse Addition

Nooney Management Co.

Family Services – Parkade Plaza
Parkade Renovations

Norman, Wagy & Gordon

NWG Funeral Home

Nowell’s Grocery

Nowell’s Keene Exterior
Nowell’s Worley Exterior

Orscheln Properties

Orscheln Tech Center
Woodrail Centre Buildings 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Woodrail Waterscape
Orscheln Farm & Home Distribution Center Addition

Oscar Meyer

Lixator Building

Ott, John (Broadway Trio)

Puckets Renovation
9th Street Storefront Renovation

Our Lady of Lourdes

New Sanctuary Addition
School Addition
Parish Office

Phi Kappa Theta


Pepsi Cola

Warehouse Addition

Phoenix Programs

Phoenix Programs Addition
New Phoenix Programs Facility

Quaker Oats

Building Expansion


Waterbook Place Apartments

Randolph County

Randolph County Justice Center

Dr. Ringdahl

Dental Office

Saline County Commission

Saline County Justice Facility

Safety Kleen

Safety Kleen Expansion

Shelter Insurance

Broadway Shopping Center Renovations
Headquarters Addition
Interior Renovations
Maintenance Facility

South Callaway School District

South Callaway RII School

Square D Company

Tool Room Modifications
Warehouse Addition

State of Missouri

Correction Center Repairs
MO National Guard Training Facility
MO National Guard Armory – Columbia
MO National Guard Maintenance Facility
State Capitol Renovations
Senate Lobby Renovations
Tipton Correction Center Interior Renov.
Veterans Memorial
DNR New Facility
Governors Mansion Historic Renovation
Employment Security Bldg. Exterior Repairs
Supreme Court Bldg. Exterior Repairs

St. Pius X Catholic Church

St. Pius X Gymnasium & School Expansion

Tolton Catholic High School

Tolton Catholic High School

Press Box

Parking Lot Addition

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Church Sanctuary Addition
Classroom Renovation

University of Missouri

Cooling Tower Pit
North Well Pump House
Outdoor Track Facility
Memorial Stadium Modifications
Stankowski Field

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Office Addition and Lab

U.S. Postal Service

General Mail Facility Expansion

Waters Realty

Tribune Expansion
Providence Retail Stores


Office Renovations
Tenant Finishes


Mexico Addition & Renovation
Fulton New Facility


Youzeum Interactive Childrens Museum