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We embrace partnering as a method of ensuring strong relationships and a quality end product. Partnering is a way of enrolling the client in every phase of the construction process in a spirit of cooperation, resulting in improved schedules, improved quality and maximized efficiency. Click here to read more about the key elements of partnering.

Contractors and owners must share a common goal. That’s what builds a strong relationship and a quality end product. Partnering is PCE’s way of bringing the participants together to make sure the project goals meet everyone’s expectations. PCE has been recognized for its partnering success as a recipient of the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award in 1998. To learn more about the Marvin M. Black award, click here.

Before the partnering concept was developed, the construction business was plagued with litigation. Insurance rates were soaring, and professionals in the industry were spending more time on paper trails of exotic contracts and insurance requirements than on building construction and renovation.

Today, partnering is an added insurance policy. The process of partnering ensures the communication that is vital to a project’s quality, budget and success.

PCE completed these construction projects using a formalized partnering process:

Lange Middle School
Alive in Christ Lutheran Church
Missouri State High School Activities Association
Shelter Insurance Addition
Boone Hospital – South Addition


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We knew from the outset that undertaking a major addition, renovation and remodel to our 100+ year old sorority house, and doing it all while still having residents live-in, would not be an easy task. Fortunately, our choice to partner with PCE and Project Manager, Andy Bonderer, has been one of the best decisions we have made. We interviewed other contractors for the job, and they certainly tried to convince us that they were the preferred builder for Greek housing. But ultimately, it came down to finding a construction partner who would work with us to manage the unique complexities of the job and be just as invested in achieving an exceptional outcome as we were. Andy, Matt, and the whole PCE project team have been terrific. When we plan future construction projects, we would certainly seek out a partnership with PCE first.

- Rebecca Jones, Owner, Kappa Alpha Theta

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PCE has been not only responsive and attentive, but proactive in anticipating issues with our project.

I trust that Andy, Matt and PCE have the owner’s best interest in mind as they work with the other professionals on our construction project.

PCE has kept me, a project manager located in another city, updated and informed – getting my input and opinion on decisions when necessary and making my job easier by presenting clear explanations and alternatives when we are faced with an issue.

- Cori Young, Owner, Kappa Alpha Theta

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    To continue our legacy of providing professional construction planning, management and general contracting services to value-conscious owners by building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

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    To continue our legacy of providing professional construction planning, management and general contracting services to value-conscious owners by building.